Forty-Two Years At Hardin-Simmons University: A Found Notebook (with links to the articles)

Bell Tower
Susan Pigott


1. Acknowledgements

2. “I’ll Be There”

3. Why Still Teaching, Still Writing?

4. Famous Are Thy Halls

5. The Richardson Connection

6. Bats In Bob’s Belfry

7. The Process: How We Got Here

8. The Supreme Artists Of Kindness

9. Thinking Of Women At Easter

10. A Study In Self

11, Why We Need Aggressive Leadership: Aggression Versus Depression

12. Our Story

13. Two Roads Diverged

14. Winnsboro High School Class of 1964 Fiftieth Reunion

15. J. D. Sandefer: Heritage Of Light

16. Oluf Julius Olsen: A Quiet Man Of Science And Faith

17. Shoeless Joe’s Bat

18. Giving Thanks: My Friend John Peslak

19. Dr. Carl Trusler: Hardin-Simmons Distinguished Alumnus, Friend

20. Wrangler

21. The Runaway Poet (In Memory Of Wrangler)

22. A Gratitude For Lent

23. A Small Thank You To The Hardin-Simmons Faculty

24. An Appreciation: Aubrey Gearner, Jr., Elton Trueblood, And The Hardin-Simmons Family

25. Experiencing Viktor Frankl: To The Hardin-Simmons Family

26. Inside The Box, Thinking

27. Millennials: A Good Word

28. Song

29. Where Have All The Poets Gone?

30. Writing Toward Grace And Beauty: A Process Of Faith

Julie Fink