Esoteric Happiness Anniversary: August 28, 2022, for Katrina*

He would always have the movie, the music,
this poet in the Panama hat

he lost off the Florida Keys,
or was it Aruba, Jamaica, ooh

it must have been Bermuda, Bahama,
the midnight runway rendezvous,

that haunting sound–the blast
of the twin-prop engines,

the Lockheed Electra 12 A
careening his chapeau

down the tarmac, ooh
riding the trade winds

to Key Largo, Montego,
the days of creme brûlée,

his heart pounding like
a steel drum band accompaniment,

that dreamy look in his eye. . . .
“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

*Special gratitude to son Jon, his FaceBook joyful photos reminding me.

Also Casablanca (still from Casablanca hippokamp 1942 jpg image, and
the Beach Boys’ Kokomo (John Phillips, Terry Melcher, Mike Love, Scott Mackenzie).