The Word of Ecclesiastes in the Time of Coronavirus, COVID-19

Sergey Pesterev

No greater love hath those who put their lives on the line for those in need.*

The sun rises, the sun sets
a generation comes, a generation goes
southward the wind, northward it turns
and turns again, again it turns
back to its circling, the wind
a generation circling

Dawid Zawila

the earth, its wise looking ahead,
its foolish walking in the dark
vanity chasing the wind, its seasons
of dying, uprooting, mourning
throwing stones, tearing apart
this fabric, indifferent to

K. Mitch Hodge

every occupation, laborers
content with the work
given their hands
under the sun dying
rising the right happiness
heart occupied with joy

Zach Vessels

wisdom of those on whom
the sun shines content
with labor, its legacy
of wisdom seasons
of planting, giving birth
building, sewing, embracing

Atharva Tulsi

silence, handful of quiet
work for the Oppressed
falling, helped up, shielded
against the bombast of
trumpeting mouths, their words
crackling thorns under a cauldron

Mattias Milos

smoldering, knowing not
fear of God, the virtuous
wise in the hand of God
eating their bread with joy
drinking the communion wine
of a glad heart

Alex Guillaume

gentle words of the wise
rising above the babble
of fools aloof to time
and mischance, vanity
promoted to fall knowing not

Nathan Dumlao

the way of the wind
the work of God, work
of the wise knowing dust
returns to earth, breath
to God who gave it
for a time

Zoltan Tasi

before sun and light
and moon and stars
grow dark, the wise
working while they can
for the Oppressed, doing
the work God has given them.

Cristofer Jeschke

*My special admiration and gratitude for the staff and volunteers at City Light Community Ministries, Abilene, Texas.


“For I was hungry and you gave me food; I was thirsty and you gave me drink; I was a stranger and you made me welcome. . . . ” (Matthew 25: 35, The Jerusalem Bible.)

Meiying Ng