Season of Advent, 2022: Love

Greyson Joralemon

“This is my commandment: love one another,
as I have loved you.” (John 15: 22)

In the Beginning was the Word before the world,
having known only darkness, could anticipate Love
filling the void, overcoming the cold of nothingness.

The Word a light piercing the dark,
the Light that darkness could not overpower,
a new star shining above a stable,

a child born to a teenage mother
cradling the child to a manger, watched over
by gentle beasts–a cow, donkey, a lamb or two

tendered beside the child, his mother,
guarded by the border collie, scarred veteran
of dark-of-the-moon attacks by wolf and bear,

righteous battles against the Shadow World of Evil
reigning terror on those who will not yield
to lies and hate and corruption of power,

Biegun Wschodni

and cast behind them despair by lighting the candle
of Love, lifting it high, the Christ Child, Jesus,
the Word of Light, Love that has come to the world
and will come again.

K. Mitch Hodge