What We Could Use . . .

“The lightness of grasshoppers suggests
They are taking in some fiddle music
from the grass.”
(Robert Bly, “Why Is It the Spark’s Fault?”*)

May God keep your “heart occupied with joy.”
(Ecclesiastes 5: 19, The Jerusalem Bible)

Some days you gotta laugh.
(Bob Fink)

Patrick Schneider

The irreverent belly-burst of a laugh
when the wing-tipped toe of the hooded
inquisitor catches on . . .

What? . . . maybe the hem of his robe,
sprawling him upsy-daisy,
the robe riding up past his tighty-whities

full as the moon, for us, the displaced,
wide-eyed and pointing, our righteous
tears of laughter absolving us all.

Tim Evans

*Robert Bly, The Night Abraham Called To The Stars, Perennial: An Imprint of HarperCollins, 2002, p. 77.