Cathy Holewinski


The tall young violinist
skips dips across a field
twirling alone then
joined by Eden’s animals
whispered accompaniment
tomorrow and tomorrow
and tomorrow 

Patrice Bouchard


The pensive violinist
interrupted by the sky
wide and loud
come again and again
a disturbance 

Robert Thiemann


The acknowledged violinist
prescient comfortable
alternating colors
none spring enough
to wash the reds yellows browns
wings of sudden birds
nostalgic harbingers
rising darkening

Jody Confer


The violinist
saws the strings
eyes shut against the speed
the bow ticks a heartbeat

Aaron Burden

*After Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

  1. For friends whose beautiful livings have been cut short.
  2. For the 3,023,700 people worldwide who have died from coronavirus, COVID-19, as of April 19, 2021.
  3. For those left to grieve.