Gerasene: For Friends At City Light

Nick Fewings

“Jesus . . . said to him, ‘Go home to your people and tell them all that the Lord in his mercy has done for you.'” (Mark 5: 19, The Jerusalem Bible)

“At every sunrise I renounce
the doubts of night
and greet the new day
of a most precious delusion.”
(Czeslaw Milosz, “Report,” p. 15)*

Joshua Earle

“I am still above ground,”
he tells anyone who asks
how he’s doing,
and repeats this line
he has saved through
the dark-moon nights,
the sunless days, this line
he laughs out loud
before anyone can stop him
with, “I’ve heard it.
I know. I know.”

Vincent Chin

He will tell you everything
about his life except
the truth, a reality
always ending the same
in that graveyard
of crumbled headstones,
no birth-date names,
only end dates, shards
of marble he gashes
his chest and howls
with the legion of demons
loosed again, their chains
snapped like the night bird’s
cry, another small creature
broken in the raptor’s talons.

Krisztina Papp

It will take a miracle
to resurrect the sun, a savior
who cleans house, sweeping
Legion out the door, tonight
into a herd of swine,
screaming lemmings tumbling
over the cliff, into the sea
swallowing what he can’t forget,
just before the new day
breaks across the stones,

Aaron Lee

and again he rises
in his right mind
to clothe himself
and set out again,
one foot placed
in front of the other,
above ground
should anyone ask.


*Facing the River: New Poems, Translated By The Author And Robert Hass, The Ecco Press, 1995, pp. 13-15.

Reference: Mark 5: 1-20, The Jerusalem Bible.

Patrick Hendry