For Today, A Delight

“Three Coronavirus Vaccine Developers Report Promising Initial Results”

Painting by Margaret Katrina

Blessed is the apple the banana loves.
Consider the I-Love-You Hearts throbbing
at the top two corners of Margaret Katrina’s
art work illustrating her story she tells

Margaret Katrina

her father, her mother, her sisters
Sibley Rose and Hazel Elizabeth,
and cousin Isabel:

The banana is happy and in love with the apple but the apple is mad and doesn’t want to get married.

The old story. How does a four year old
know this? Artist like her mother.
Poet like her father. Her family
pauses their own inspiring discoveries
to look and listen as Margaret Katrina
knew they would.

Sibley Rose, Apple Jack, Margaret Katrina

Even Apple Jack nuzzles close, attentive,
assured a treat after the polite applause.
Even the tree trimmer next door,
hoisted maybe one-hundred feet up, up
to the top of the tree listens, hesitant
to cut the limb, a version of revision
like Margaret Katrina’s plot-twist

The apple is happy and in love with the banana, but . . .

Margaret Katrina

We already expect how the story,
a love poem, ends, but for now,
we focus on the banana’s bold yellow,
its happy face and heart outlined in green.
Even the apple is red as joy,
its one leaf flag unfurled green,
a signal of hope.

Margaret Katrina, four years old,
not us, is writing this story.
Don’t worry.


All You Need Is Love

“No one you can save that can’t be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how to be you
in time, it’s easy.”

Lines from All You Need Is Love
Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul McCartney
“All You Need Is Love” lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC