The Beginning*



Gary Scot

“Memorials Planned as Nation Tries to Heal:
Thousands Plan To Gather In Minneapolis
For The First Of Six Days Of Memorials For George Floyd”

Emma Frances Logan
The Beginning

In the beginning there was God
before we knew beginning,
before we could shout
Where is God? Is there God?
in our arrogance at possessing
grasping fingers, opposable thumbs,
toes for curling and uncurling,
and our song of sorts rising
in the night for someone
we did not yet know
who would come, lift us
in his arms, humming what song
he remembered, who would come,
cradle us to her breast, and
we knew God, his calloused hands
from shaping the earth,
her spirit-breath, life for us,
for all the same–naked
and you clothed us,
hungry and you gave us food,
thirsty and you gave us drink,
sick and you came to us,
even dying and you came to us,
strangers to those who
would not see us, passing each by,
but you came, made us welcome,
all the least of our brothers
and sisters–all of us
poor, all in prison, all burdened,
and you lifted the yoke
weighing heavy on our neck,
the tyrant’s rod across our back,
and you said suffer the children
to come unto you–God
in the beginning, God
walking beside us,
lifting his hands, her hands,
taking a knee with us
now as in the beginning.

Henry Julius

“God said, ‘Let there be light,’
and there was light.”
(Genesis 1: 1-2, The Jerusalem Bible)

Roert Koorenny

*Genesis 1
Matthew 25: 1-40
Isaiah 10:27

I should spend weeks revising this Post. Forgive me, but today I want to do what little I can to add my Amen (“Let it be so”) to all the voices calling for brotherhood, sisterhood, my small Amen to the Christ-like servant leaders offering healing to the suffering world, its people, all our people. Thank you.

Agence Olloweb