“For It Is In Giving That We Receive”*: A Sunday Morning At City Light Community Ministries, May 17, 2020

Rosie Fraser

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you” (Philippians 1: 3, ESV)

My friend Mary Lyn Ray calls her illustrated books (what I consider her poetry) story-picture books. This remembrance is my story-picture Post of my heroes–the Sunday morning breakfast crew at City Light in the time of Coronavirus COVID-19:

Robin Spielmann

This photo is not of City Light. You already know that, but this cozy church and the pastoral setting symbolize how I feel about the workers at City Light and the friends who gather at the entrance these Sunday mornings for egg and cheese, potato and tomato burritos, with salsa, and an orange, an apple, today a banana, a Mrs, Baird’s fruit pie, strong coffee and orange juice.


 Mr. John Moore, First Baptist Church Pastor For Missions.


Ms. Lynn Martin, Associate Director of City Light and Mr. Robert Yearian (Jessica’s Robert)


Dr. Keith Waddle, piano player, devotional leader and writer


John handing out breakfast to Joe


John and Jimmy


John and Mr. Battles (Wilbur)


Dr. Phil Christopher, Senior Pastor, First Baptist, and John Moore

Mr. Robert Richardson often helps on Sunday, as do Collin, Dustin, and Olga. They are also regulars Monday through Friday.

Today, around forty-five people were served breakfast. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, typically 130 to 150 friends are served lunch. Abilene is blessed to have so many churches and civic organizations caring for those in need, especially during this crisis.

Yes, there are angels among us.

Michael Lee

* from “The Peace Prayer of Saint Francis,” Loyola Press, A Jesuit Ministry, 2017.