Margaret’s Bedtime Prayer in the Time of Coronavirus COVID-19

Josh Applegate

Margaret, four years old, fresh from her bath,
red hair haloed about her face,
gazing up, eyes closed, hands and fingers
pressed in prayer.

Margaret, a little child, what Jesus
called his followers to be, take up
the Word of Let the children come to me,
the Word God spoke against the Void,
the Word with God, God the Word
from the beginning. Let there be!
And there was!
Light shining out the Dark.
Light no darkness can comprehend.

Rene Bernal

Truth no fallen archangel, fire dragon,
father of lies, serpent of convenient promises,
beast, prince (for now) of this world,
Truth no Devil, no Satan can overpower.
The voice of a child tucked in prayer:

Alisa Anton

“Grateful God, God the Father, the Son
of the Holy Spirit, of God of Heaven,
of Laud to God, to God, to God.

“God. . . . God I bless you to bless the
old people . . . as the Coronavirus. . . .
Please make those germs . . . away
and those sugar bugs that’s inside
your teeth, and make us happy,
not sad or mad or grumpy.

Anastasiya Pavlova

“I really love you God. Of God the Father,
Son of holy. . . . And I really love you.
You do have families: Jesus and Mary.
Amen. Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Volodymyr Hryshchenko