Sunday Morning Repast: March 15, 2020

Josh Applegate

7:00 a.m., City Light Community Ministries
preparing hot breakfasts–scrambled eggs, gravy,
bread, a banana, homemade chocolate donut,
rainbow sprinkles, nutrition bar when the donuts
run out, bottle of water.


Pastor John, Ms. Lynn, Jessica’s Robert, Miss Maura.
Jessica’s Robert prepares the eggs–heat the grill
scraped clean, start with fifteen-dozen eggs, crack them
plop into two wide plastic bowls, yolks floating
ninety yellow suns per bowl, whisk them
into swirls of yellow poured across the grill,
herd them with the special tool-blade away from
the grease drain, slide coagulating yolks and whites
together, chop, chop, chop, slide and fold and build
an egg-yellow mountain against the grease drain.
And now, the next out-pouring of yolks and
egg whites, chop, slide, fold, chop, slide, fold.

Nick Fewings

The mountain range–a yellow Everest scrambled
into the tinfoil pan keeping warm above
the heated water. The gravy, the hotdog buns
sliced in thirds, the Food Pantry bananas,
the donuts on waxed paper, feast portioned
in styrofoam containers center-balanced
beneath the banana, the plastic fork, spoon,
and napkin, the bottle of water in the grocery-store
bag Pastor John hands out to patrons at the door.

Roger van de Kimmenade

Yes, we are serving but cautious for you
against the coronavirus COVID-19,
no sit-down communal breakfast, no songs
and sermon, but please accept this meal
Ms. Lynn and Jessica’s Robert have prepared
for you. Carry-out communion. Take. Eat.

Debbie Hudson